How to fix a backpack zipper

If you ever wondered  how to fix a backpack zipper you came to the write place. You use your backpack for many things. Just think about it school work travel etc. You want to keep all of your valuables safe so having your things fall out is the last thing you want. A zipper maybe a very small part of your bag but it’s very important. So don’t let a broken zipper ruin your day! If you’re not great at fixing things don’t sweat it. We’re going to show you how to fix a backpack zipper.  Broken zippers can be caused by a number of different issues  so were going to go over different fixes. In the mean time grab some popcorn and maybe a cup of coffee and lets get to work

How to fix a backpack zipper (Bent Teeth)

It happens to the best of us. We’ve all been there you put something in your bag and try to zip it. You have some bent teeth on your zipper and can’t fully close your bag. Uh oh is the first thought that comes to your mind but don’t worry we have a fix. You can simply use some pliers. If you like you could purchase a repair kit though this isn’t necessary. We just suggest that your careful so the teeth don’t come off the tape.  Grip the teeth and bend them until straight. It should only be necessary to bend the teeth a few time before they’re completely straight.   If you were successful with the fix give yourself a pat on the back. See you came here to see how to fix a backpack zipper and discovered it wasn’t that difficult after all.

How to fix a backpack zipper (Lubrication)

So you try to zip your bag and oh no it doesn’t move! Oh boy what could it be you probably ask? You’re likely experiencing a lubrication issue. Don’t sweat it though we of course got you covered with a few fixes.


Do you happen to have a number 2 pencil? If you do great, you can try out our first option which is graphite.  If you want to know what exactly you need to do with the pencil that’s easy. Rub the pencil across the area that’s stuck and try again. If  everything works congrats cupcake you got it done, be proud.

Candle Wax/Crayon

Check around your home do you by any chance have some candle sticks  or crayon’s laying around? If so than great you have the materials needed to try our next fix.  Oh by the way you can also just use regular house hold wax if you have it. Simply melt the wax from your candle or crayon and rub it where the zipper is stuck. If the zipper moves than great you’re done!

Laundry Soap

If the other options above fail to fix the lubrication issue you can try Laundry Soap. You can grab a bowl or dish and  mix it with some water. You can stop mixing when you notice a slight thickness.  Lastly grab a cotton swab and rub it where the zipper is stuck.  If the zipper moves again great you have fixed the issue.

How to fix a backpack zipper (Broken Slider)

So you have a broken slider on your backpack? What should you do? It turns out the easiest fix for this is to just replace it. Fortunately fixing the broken slider isn’t very complicated.  If you have plyers laying around use them to cut off the broken slider. Lastly reattach the new slider by gliding it across the zipper teeth. See that wasn’t so difficult after all was it ?

How to fix a backpack zipper (Broken Pull)

If you have a broken pull we have some ideas to fix it. Get a paperclip and open it up. Once the paper clip is open put one end through the hole used for the Zipper Pull. If you don’t have a paper clip don’t worry. Just think of any material that can bend like a wire to use and you’ll be good to go. Congrats you have fixed your broken pull!

How to fix a backpack zipper  (Completely Destroyed Zipper)

Maybe you find yourself  in a situation  where your zipper is completely broken.  If  your zipper is completely destroyed you may have no other choice other than replacing the zipper. Find some scissors  or a knife to cut off the damaged zipper. You’ll need a needle and thread to start sawing in the new zipper.  Match up the center  of both your zipper and the  backpack.  Start sewing from the top center and work down till you get to the other side. After you finish flip the backpack inside out and repeat the process. If you’re not sure were to buy a backpackzipper you can try here Backpackzippers .

So you rather just get a new bag?

We get it even if you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you want to. Isn’t that the reason why so many great cooks sometimes get take out?  If you decide you don’t want to repair your bag and rather get a new one we’ve got you covered there as well! Consider checking our great selection of bags for men and women on Backie Packie.

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