How to Choose the Best Backpacking Backpack

Ideally, you would live in a world where you could use Potter-esque magic and whisk all the things you need on a trip to your destination with a turn of your wand. Unfortunately, you live in a world where you need to carry everything you need on a backpacking trip on your back.

If you are thinking about going on a trip soon, and need to buy a backpacking backpack, you might be overwhelmed by all the varied choices. Keep reading for some tips on how to buy a backpack that best fits your needs.

Think About Your Trip Style First

What kind of a backpacking trip are you thinking about? Is it going to be a jaunt from city to city in Europe or South America? Or are you going to be hiking through mountainous ranges and on glaciers?

The kind of trip you tend to take will dictate highly what kind of a backpack you will want to buy. For example, if you are going to need a touring backpack, you will want something with lots of little pockets to store all your travel essentials. You will also want the ability to open it fully so you can rummage through your stuff when in a cramped hostel room without issues.

But if you are going to be hiking through Yosemite, you are going to need something that can carry lots of water. And is waterproof and weatherproof.

In addition, if you are a digital nomad and thinking about carrying a laptop on your trip, ensure that your backpack has a laptop compartment to keep your digital baby safe from bumps and bruises and also from the rain. There are also USB-charging backpacks available nowadays if you have a gazillion gadgets that are always hungry for more juice.

How Much Weight Can You Reasonably Carry?

When you see pictures of adventurers with humongous backpacks roaming about the land free as a bird, you might think that you get used to a heavy weight after a while. But there’s no need to carry more weight than you need, especially if you are going to dump it at the nearest stop or give it away to local families in the first city you land in.

Think about comfort first. You can always purchase items in the cities you are traveling to. Nowadays with globalization, rarely can’t you find everything you want in some form or another everywhere you travel.

There are many different sizes and levels of backpacks out there, from ultra-light ones, to travel packs. Consider your needs and purchase the one that suits your travel style best. You don’t want to suffer from lower back pain your entire trip because you chose a backpack that’s too heavy for your light body frame.

What’s the Weather Going To Be Like?

You are going to purchase an entirely different backpack if you are going to hike in the winter snow in Bulgaria, vs. if you are going to be traveling to sunny Spain. The weather in your chosen destination will affect your backpack style greatly.

Of course, you can always purchase rain covers (most backpacks have this as an add-on or you can buy generic ones that fit most sizes). This way you can protect all your precious gear (wet clothes are the worst) from the rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Durability Matters

Even though you would want to purchase a backpack that would last you years to come, the truth is that the harshness of backpacking trips will ensure that your backpack won’t last more than a few months, no matter how high its quality is.

A modern backpack is quite complex and many things can go wrong after extended use. That’s why you need to purchase something durable, but understand that it’s not made of steel and will eventually wear out.

Every time you go on a trip, ensure that you check your backpack for any rips or tears. Also, make sure all zippers, linings, and buckles are still functional. It’s better to get all this fixed before a trip than to find a tailor in the middle of nowhere while traveling.

What Is Your Budget for This Backpacking Backpack?

There’s no need to imagine that you will spend hundreds of dollars to buy the backpack of your dreams. There are many affordable brands out there that you don’t need to break the bank for.

Make sure to do your research, check out online reviews, and buy the backpack that fits your needs best.

Other Preferences

There are lots of little things about a backpack that’s quite personal to its user. For example, one person might like a backpack that opens up at the top, keeping everything safe and sound from rain and thieves. But another person might prefer a backpack that opens all the way around like a suitcase, so it’s easier to rummage through it and find everything needed in a jiffy.

One person might prefer a backpack with lots of little compartments to keep things separate. Another might prefer a backpack with one big compartment and nothing else.

That’s why buying backpacks is such a unique experience because every person is going to end up purchasing something completely different depending on their particular desires.

Now You Are Ready for Your Backpacking Trip

With the points above in mind, you are ready to purchase the most perfect backpacking backpack for you and are prepared to go on the journey of a lifetime through cities, national parks, and countries that you have always dreamed of.

If you are still searching, Backie Packie has dozens of backpacks available for you to peruse. Check out our collection of bestsellers to find something that suits your upcoming backpacking trip.

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